Learning how to handle a new application is not always easy. We’ve tried to make FreshRSS as intuitive as possible, but you might still need a little help to master the program.

This section will guide you to the pages you need to get started. The order is tailored to newcomers.

After installing the application, the first step is to add some feeds. You have a few options:

  1. Add a feed manually
  2. Import an OPML or JSON file
  3. Use the bookmarklet

Once you have added your feeds to FreshRSS, it is time to read them. There are three available reading modes:

  1. The normal view enables you to quickly read new articles
  2. The global view shows you an overview of the status of your feeds in one glance
  3. The reader view offers you a comfortable reading experience

Now that you’ve mastered basic use, it’s time to configure FreshRSS to improve your reading experience. It’s highly configurable, so it’s recommended to play around with them to find a configuration that suits you well. Here are a few resources to help you improve your daily FreshRSS experience:

FreshRSS has a built-in engine that scrapes a website to create an own feed.