FreshRSS has three primary viewing modes: Normal, Global, and Reader view.

Normal view

Normal view will allow you to view articles in a compressed view. They can be separated by category or individual feed, or viewed in the “main stream” containing all feeds. Clicking a feed in the sidebar (mobile users will need to click the folder icon to open it) will open that feed’s view.

Article List

By default, the normal view includes six items per article. From left to right:

Normal View Sidebar

Clicking the gear icon next to an individual feed will display additional options for that feed.

Global view

Global view allows quick views of feed’s statuses at once. Feeds and categories are shown with the number of unread articles next to them. Clicking a feed’s name will open it in a view similar to normal view.

Reader view

Reader view will display a feed will all articles already open for reading. Feeds can be switched by clicking the folder icon at the top to bring up the category/feed sidebar.

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