This page assumes you have completed the server setup.

Mobile Access

You can access FreshRSS on mobile devices via browser and via mobile apps.

Access via Browser

The FreshRSS user interface is optimized for both small and large screens. The content will fit nicely on small mobile device screens as well.

Access via Mobile App

FreshRSS supports access from mobile / native apps for Linux, Android, iOS, Windows and macOS, via two distinct APIs: Google Reader API (best), and Fever API (limited features and less efficient).

A list of known apps is available on the FreshRSS GitHub page.

Enable the API in FreshRSS

  1. Under the section “Authentication”, enable the option “Allow API access (required for mobile apps)”.
  2. Under the section “Profile”, fill-in the field “API password (e.g., for mobile apps)”.
    • Every user must define an API password.
    • The reason for an API-specific password is that it may be used in less safe situations than the main password, and does not grant access to as many things.

See the page about the Google Reader compatible API for more details. See the page about the Fever compatible API for more details.


  1. Under the section “Profile”, click on the link like next to the field “API password”.
  2. Click on first link “Check full server configuration”:
    • If you get PASS then you are done; all is well.
    • If you get Bad Request! or Not Found, then your server probably does not accept slashes / that are escaped %2F, see the next section “Fix server configuration”.
    • If you receive any other error message, see the next section “Fix server configuration”.

Fix server configuration