Preparing the release

In order to get as much feedback as possible before a release, it’s preferable to announce it on GitHub by creating a dedicated ticket (see examples). This should be done at least one week in advance.

It’s also recommended to make the announcement on

Check the dev status

Before releasing a new version of FreshRSS, you must ensure that the code is stable and free of major bugs. Ideally, our tests should be automated and executed before any publication.

You must also make sure that the CHANGELOG file is up to date with the updates of the version to be released.

Git process

$ git checkout edge
$ git pull
$ vim constants.php
# Update version number x.y.y.z of FRESHRSS_VERSION
$ git commit -a
Version x.y.z
$ git tag -a x.y.z
Version x.y.z
$ git push && git push --tags


It’s important to update since this is the default service for automatic FreshRSS updates.

The repository managing the code is located on GitHub: FreshRSS/

Writing the update script

The scripts are located in the ./scripts/ directory and must take the form update_to_x.y.z.z.php. This directory also contains update_to_dev.php intended for updates of the edge branch (this script must not include code specific to a particular version!) and update_util.php, which contains a list of functions useful for all scripts.

In order to write a new script, it’s better to copy/paste the last version or to start from update_to_dev.php. The first thing to do is to define the URL from which the FreshRSS package will be downloaded (PACKAGE_URL). The URL is in the form of

There are then 5 functions that have to be executed:

Updating the versions file

Once the script has been written and versioned, it’s necessary to update the `./versions.php’ file which contains a mapping table indicating which versions are updated to which other versions.

Here’s an example of a versions.php file:

return array(
	'0.8.0' => '1.0.0',
	'0.8.1' => '1.0.0',
	'1.0.0' => '1.0.1',  // doesn’t exist (yet)
	// DEV
	'1.1.2-dev' => 'dev',
	'1.1.3-dev' => 'dev',
	'1.1.4-dev' => 'dev',

And here’s how this table works:

It’svery strongly recommended to keep this file organized according to version numbers by separating stable and dev versions.


Before updating, it’s better to test with, which corresponds to pre-production. So update and change the FRESHRSS_UPDATE_WEBSITE URL of your FreshRSS instance. Start the update and check that it’s running correctly.

When you’re satisfied, update with the new script, test it again, and then move on.

Updating the FreshRSS services

Two services need to be updated immediately after the update.

Publicly announce the release

When everything’s working, it’s time to announce the release to the world!

Starting the next development version

$ git checkout edge
$ vim constants.php
$ vim
# Prepare the changelog for the next version
$ git add && git commit && git push

Also remember to update so that it takes the current development version into account.