If you are new to Git, here are some of the resources you might find useful:

Getting the latest code from the FreshRSS repository

First you need to add the official repo to your remote repo list:

git remote add upstream

You can verify the remote repo is successfully added by using:

git remote -v show

Now you can pull the latest development code:

git checkout edge
git pull upstream edge

Starting a new development branch

git checkout -b my-development-branch

Sending a patch

# Add the changed file, here actualize_script.php
git add app/actualize_script.php
# Commit the change and write a proper commit message
git commit
# Double check all looks well
git show
# Push it to your fork
git push

Now you can create a PR based on your branch.

How to write a commit message

A commit message should succinctly describe the changes on the first line. For example:

Fix broken icon

If necessary, this can be followed by a blank line and a longer explanation.

For further tips, see here.