Logging and Error Messages

Read the Log

Log in the Application

The log files are displayed in the config menu.

Log as Text Files

FreshRSS logs are located in:

More Logging Information

More logs can be generated by enabling 'environment' => 'development' (default: 'production'), in ./FreshRSS/data/config.php

Error Message

If there is an ‘Application Problem’ or ‘Fatal Error’, then a HTTP 500 error message is shown with more information.

Often the Cause of Problems

A typical problem is wrong file permissions in the ./FreshRSS/data/ folder so make sure the Web server can write there and in sub-directories.

Common locations for additional logs

Adapt names and paths according to your local setup.

Running the feed update script (with the same user and PHP version as your Web server) might provide other hints, e.g.: sudo -u www-data /usr/bin/php ./FreshRSS/app/actualize_script.php

Help needed

see: Report a bug