Not every feature is relevant for all users, but some special features are relevant to the right person. That is why FreshRSS is extendable.

There are some “official” extensions (supported and published by the FreshRSS development team and community) and “community” extensions (developed and published individually by third-party developers).

Extension repositories

Most known extensions are listed in the front end: see configuration menu Configuration/Extensions.

How to install

Upload the folder (f.e. CustomCSS) of your chosen extension into your ./extensions directory.

Result: Content of ./extensions/CustomCSS/ has f.e. extension.php, metadata.json, configure.php, README.md files and the folders i18n and static

Important: Do not delete or overwrite the existing files ./extensions/.gitignore and ./extensions/README.md.

How to enable/disable and manage

See in the front end: configuration menu Configuration/Extensions

User extensions

Every user has to manage the extensions by themselves. Configuration via the gear icon is valid only for that user, not for other users.


  "type": "user"

System extensions

Only administrators can enable/disable system extensions. The configuration via the gear icon is valid for every user.


  "type": "system"

pre installed extensions (core extensions)

See folder: .lib/core-extensions

Important: do not install your chosen extensions here!