Frequently Asked Questions

We may not have answered all of your questions in the previous sections. The FAQ contains some questions that have not been answered elsewhere.

Promoting a user to admin

At the moment, there can be only one admin user for the system. Thus promoting one user to admin demotes the current admin user.

The recommended way of promoting a user is with the help of the CLI tool. You only have to do is to run the following command:

./cli/reconfigure.php --default_user <username>

Alternatively, you can edit configuration files manually. To do so, you need to change the default_user value in the file ./data/config.php. As the file is a PHP file, you have to make sure that it’s still valid after the update by running the following command:

php -l ./data/config.php

Disabling self-registration

Users can register directly on the login screen only if the configuration allows them. Under Administration > System configuration, you have access to Max number of accounts. As stated on that page, there is no limitation if you input 0, thus allowing any number of user to self-register. If you input any other number, you will create a limitation on self-registering users. That means that as soon as the limit is reached, users cannot self-register but they can still be registered by the admin user. Using the value 1, disables the self-registration since the spot is used by the admin user.